CSULA LSAMP Research Training Program

LSAMP students at one of the community colleges (ELAC or PCC) and LSAMP students at CSULA are invited to participate in a comprehensive year-round research training program held on the CSULA campus. During the academic year students may enroll in a three-quarter sequence of 2-unit courses [BIOL 154 in fall; CHEM 154 in winter, and ENGR 154 in spring]. The classes are held early Friday afternoons, and expose SEM students to the basics of research and research career opportunities in SEM fields. Students are divided into teams and through active participation as new course topics are presented, teams develop in-depth research profiles that are reviewed and evaluated by the other teams. The primary objective of PART I in fall is to investigate SEM research-related careers and the educational requirements including salary range for careers at the Bachelor of Science level, Masters of Science level, and Doctor of Philosophy level. The primary objective of PART II in winter is to investigate on-going SEM research projects and to understand how to develop and test research hypotheses. The primary objective of PART III in spring is to conduct on-going SEM research projects and to understand further how to interpret research hypotheses. During the summer and following academic year, students have the opportunity to continue research on their on-going SEM research projects before placement into one of the more advanced research training programs. ELAC and PCC students enroll in the CSULA classes via their CROSS ENROLLMENT program with CSULA. Visit your transfer center for more information.